World between the Lines

Discover how the world is interrelated, look for the prejudices, that distort how we see the world.

Globalisation puts us in more or less direct relationship with people in other parts of our common planet. What has been far in the past, nowadays directly affects us.

Therefore it is no longer feasible to divide world into “domestic” and “foreign”. It needs to be seen and presented as a complex of diverse and often not fair relations, relations in which we directly take part. And this new awareness should be reflected in media and journalists’ outputs.

Journalism approach building on this understanding  is called Global Development Journalism. And exactly this approach is supported by the programme Svet medzi riadkami (World between the Lines) realised under umbrella of Slovak NGDO People in Need Slovakia.

Our programme enables both, future and current journalists to look betwen the lines, understand the origin of their own attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices, as well as enables them to apply this understanding into the practice in context of various global issues.


  • University courses
  • Publishing
  • Workshops, presentations, discussions
  • Specialised section HN Globálne at one of the largest media portals in Slovakia
  • Media analysis – TBA



  • Svet medzi riadkami (World between the Lines) – university learning materials
  • Obrazy menšín v našich hlavách: ako nepísať o “iných” bez “iných” (Pictures of Minorities in our Heads: How not to Write about “Others” without Others) – university textbook on minority sensitive journalism
  • Globálna rozvojová žurnalistika (Global Development Journalism) – university learning materials/textbook (in process)

Media projects

  • Koniec chudoby?, special series on extreme poverty, Rozvojová spolupráca / (júl 2018)
  • Vianoce na blate – special series on climate change,
  • Svet inak, special series on alternative approaches to various global issues, / (nominated for journalism award 2016)
  • Šťastné a konzumné, special series on consumerism in relation to Christmas, (nominated for journalism award 2015)
  • SDGs with Hospodárske noviny (20-parts series on SDGs, 2015)

+ specialised news section HN Globálne dedicated to global issues and students outputs covering these issues

Educational projects






  • People in Need Slovakia (main partner)
  • Department of Journalism at Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava
  • Department of Journalism at Faculty of Arts of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra
  • United Nations Information Service Vienna
  • Human Rigths League
  • Minority Rights Group International
  • Hospodárske noviny (
  • Absynt publishing house (publishing reportage literature)
  • Digital Media Campus (educational platform of media house Ringier Axel Springier)


  • SlovakAid
  • EuropeAid
  • EU DG Justice
  • International Visegrad Fund