Migration in Central Europe and beyond: Facts and Stories for Unslanted Journalism

New journalists-oriented project run by People in Need Slovakia in partnership with People in Need Czech Republic and Centre for Citizenship Education Foundation from Poland.

We aim to increase the quality and quantity of media coverage on regionally relevant kind of migration – labour migration from East Partnership countries – and put emphasis on its underreported aspect – integration, aiming to avoid focus on regionally irrelevant mobility from other continents.

Project will help us to raise awareness of journalists and journalism students on the issue via series of national trainings, one international training, and journalists´ fieldtrip to report from Ukraine. As an added value we will network trained journalists with teachers to include attractive & relevant content into curriculums they forward to their students. We will also invite Hungarian journalists to participate at international training.


Project partners: 


Project is cofunded by the International Visegrad Fund.