Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum

The global dimension incorporates the key concepts of global citizenship, conflict resolution, diversity, human rights, interdependence, social justice, sustainable development and values and perceptions. It explores the interconnections between the local and the global. It builds knowledge and
understanding, as well as developing skills and attitudes. The booklet shows opportunities for building the global dimension into the Foundation Stage, all Key Stages and all subjects. Examples of practice are offered to illustrate how this can be done. Moreover, the booklet explores why the global dimension needs to permeate the wider life and ethos of schools and how this can be do.



  • This booklet is principally aimed at headteachers, senior managers, governors, local education authorities, early years practitioners and teachers (including trainee teachers), particularly those responsible for planning and implementing the school curriculum and training teachers. Its purpose is to show how, in a global society, the global dimension can be integrated into both the curriculum and the wider life of schools.